Moon Pride: Full lyrics


I transcribed the full lyrics of Moon Pride from this video and from the first two episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. My transcription isn’t an exact one, I took different translations of certain lines that I personally thought fit the best. 

Moon Pride

Moon Pride…

I want to support you!

As tears run down my cheeks,

My eyes burn a crimson color.

Intense as a flash of lightning,

Someone cries out for love.

No matter how dark the night may be,

I’m not alone, right?

Because moonlight is shining down upon us.

Ah! Girls have unshakable wills.

They don’t let a prince determine their fate.

And they fight their own battles!

Shiny Make-Up!

We’ll gonna shine bright under the starry sky!

We’re not weaklings who can only be protected!

Even if you are enveloped in a wave of sadness…

Even if you are scorched in the fires of hatred…

Dazzling as a flash of lightning, we swear an oath of eternal love.

Even if we are separated now, 

We aren’t really alone, right?

The thing that connects us is the moonlight!

Ah! Girls possess invincible weapons…

Such as their gaze that embraces weakness,

And the strength to accept everything that comes their way!

Shiny Make-Up!

We’re sparkling!

Embrace the star-filled sky.

Our bond that crosses time and space

Gives me the courage to go on.

My yearnings, my pain, they bring me to tears.

In longing and in solitude, my heart starts to race.

No matter how many times I am reborn into this vast universe,

I shall still fall in love with you.

Shiny Make-Up!

I flap my wings and fly to the ends of the star-filled sky.

Though this world is engulfed in evil, I will still believe in the future.

So, Shiny Make-Up!

We will fight with power from the starry sky!

A new legend begins right here, right now! 

La La Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon!


( ⊃’-‘∩ )シュッ( ∩’-‘⊂ )シュッ


( ⊃’-‘∩ )シュッ( ∩’-‘⊂ )シュッ


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